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About Zero Basics

Zero Basics is a 100% vegan personal care and beauty line that was founded by Jana Sevilla, who has been vegan since 2009. Frustrated with products that have hard-to-pronounce ingredients, she founded Zero Basics—a brand that went back to basics with all-natural ingredients.
Zero Basics has 4 important defining points: it’s vegan, all-natural, eco-friendly, and safe on sensitive skin. Their line of vegan products do not contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients and have not been tested on any animals—a rarity in the  personal care and beauty products. Their freshly-made organic products even promote sustainable living with plant-based ingredients and recyclable and refillable containers. 
Zero Basics first started out with deodorants and toothpaste before expanding its product line to include skincare products such as facial wash, moisturizer, insect repellant, essential oil blends, face toners and soaps that use either moringa or charcoal. The brand also promotes a zero-waste lifestyle that discourages using products in single-use packaging. We aim to expand our product line to be able to cater to all your personal care and home care needs.