Finally, we have a website!

Welcome to the website of our dear Zero Basics! As I am transparent from the very beginning, office and computer work aren’t really my thing. I love working with my hands by mixing, blending and cutting that’s why up to now, I still make all these products that we all love. However, they say you’ve made it once you already have a website. So with a little help from my friends, we are happy to launch our website! We can now take your orders and deliver nationwide with our affordable shipping fees and payment is not anymore limited to bank deposits, because, well, we now have a Paypal account! Hooray for convenience and growth!

I’ve also decided to keep a blog. It’s my very first attempt to have my own blog and I am excited to share with you some stuff, adventures and experiences that make my life richer, even more colorful and grateful.

Stay tuned!