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Our ethical values are very important. We believe our transparency is what makes us unique, which is why we only use natural ingredients in all our products that are guaranteed Vegan and Cruelty-Free!



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Our primary mission is building a healthy and beautiful skin from within and for this, we don't take any shortcuts when it comes to our ingredients. The foundations for every Zero Basics products are safe, pure and organic.



I finished the Remineralizing Toothpowder faster than the serum. I guess it lasted 2-3 months. My partner did not even dare to give it a try. I was also hesitant to try it at first but my will to lessen toothpaste tube waste won over my hesitation 😂. So how do i find it? It has minty and salty taste. It has rough texture and as if i am brushing with salt fine sand. Funny but that is best way i can describe it 😂. However, the slight minty taste saves the day! It made me feel that I am indeed brushing my teeth with oral care product. The more important part is it did its job.



I really like the spf15 sunscreen. The consistency is creamy and moisturizing, and there's no white cast. I was advised by the sales staff to make sure my face was dry when applying, so the product won't be streaky. The price is also reasonable. It smells good and feels minty on the face.



I am absolutely in love with this all natural, vegan and sustainable brand. � I currently use their tooth paste, tooth powder, toner, serum, deodorant and shampoo bar. Top reco would have to be the serum (—it works wonders!)

Zero Basics has made living sustainably so easy and so convenient. The brand offers refills for a discounted price. I buy my products and (am about to) refill empty products at the Vegan Grocer in San Juan. But ZB also offers refills in Mandala Park on weekends (I think).

So If you’ve been eyeing Zero Basics for a while, I highly suggest you give it a try. You have no idea what you’re missing out on.



Products that do not hurt your pocket and the environment. Products that actually work!



Deodorant - First spray. I’m in love with the smell! So refreshing, though i coudn’t figure out what smell it is. 2 days of using it, I still stink due to home to home duties (I’m a physiotherapist BTW) After using it regularly, I still sweat but it doesn’t stink anymore, esp. when I hiked!) I find the glass bottle heavy to spray with my tiny hands so I just refilled my tiny glass bottle with it.



My go-to store for toiletries and skin care. Thanks to Jana and team for encouraging the zero-waste and vegan lifestyle



Tried the volumunizing shampoo bar and it was the bomb! Loved it all throughout. Before using it, my hair was too flat. It made me feel na the sea salt spray is an essential. But their shampoo proved me wrong. It gave me the beach hair feels, less the stickiness and more body.



This is the best zero waste, vegan skincare brand in the Philippines IMHO! Finally bought all Zero Basics skincare products and some bath & body products and I love all of them!

The day and night serums moisturize my face without clogging it, make my skin soft and smooth, and help in healing my pimple scars. The lip oil does a good job at moisturizing my lips so it’s now part of my lip care routine.